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The letter asked why those consulting firms should be paid before services like senior centers, hospice care and universities. "The comptroller wants assurances that resources are being allocated toward our most critical needs and not toward discretionary initiatives," Mendoza's senior policy adviser, Patrick Corcoran, wrote. Mendoza and Rauner clashed in state court this month over paying state employees without an appropriation from the legislature. The state comptroller refused to process payments for nearly 600 state workers from Illinois' cash-strapped general fund, as Rauner wanted. Instead, she wanted to tap other budgetary lines flush with more than $93 million. The court ruled Mendoza could tap the funds but Rauner has appealed the decision. Rauner's office said Mendoza's suspension of payments to information technology contractors would hobble the state's computer modernization, known as the Enterprise Resource Program (ERP). "If Comptroller Mendoza disrupts the ERP implementation process, she will put our state, residents and sensitive data at risk by forcing us to function under the current outdated systems," Rauner's spokeswoman Catherine Kelly said in a statement to Reuters. McKinsey & Company is owed the most -- $12 million -- among firms caught in Mendoza's move. The company did not respond to questions submitted after business hours on Monday about whether it would continue performing work for the state if it is not paid on a timely basis.

Madonna Dresses Up as Beauty and the Beast to Celebrate Purim in London The legendary entertainer, who has been known for being a devoted Kabbalist , shared a set of photos this weekend showing her decked out for Purim in a yellow dress, reminiscent of Belle from Beauty and the Beast and a matching Beast mask to play both characters fitting, considering the film premieres this Friday. Sometimes you just have to take off the mask and confess! Madonna, 58, captioned one snap of herself (sans mask) and a male friend in a pope costume, with the singer holding a rose between her teeth. Elegant and Lady Like. Confident yet Loving. Thats what matters! she wrote to accompany another photo, in which shes wearing the iconic yellow dress and white gloves, a beautiful necklace and the beast mask. Happy Purim! she added. FROM COINAGE: Heres How To Save on Concert Tickets So You Still Have Money For Merch Madonna recently became a mother of six after recently adopting twin daughters Esther and Stella , 4.

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