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Seated in his small house in Palam, Rajkumar Singh broke into tears of joy as the television channels flashed the news of death sentence of four convicts upheld by the Apex court. 52-year-old Singh was the first witness to the dreadful incident. He was out on his patrolling duty on the night of December 16, 2012, when he spotted the two victims in the bushes in Mahipalpur. After this, he informed his company which later called the police. "I almost jumped with joy. This was the judgment that I was waiting for. These rapists deserved the death penalty. I was a witness to the brutality these men had inflicted on the girl. She was naked, bleeding and could hardly speak. I heard the man crying and shouting for help. I was shocked to see their condition," said Rajkumar.

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Adam West passed away and im actually astonished

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