We have to stop giving bad Christmas music its month in the sun. We see this all know the Bing Crosby/David Bowie version of The Little Drummer Boy is creepy and unpleasant. We all realize Baby, It's Cold Outside is #problematic. We've all ripped Bono for howling, "Tonight, thank God it's them instead of you!" Year after year, we rehash these same old arguments, recycle the same old punch lines. It's tiring, and it distracts us from new Christmas songs that actually deserve our attention. Part of the problem is that the modern Christmas canon is so impenetrable, especially for young artists. In 2015, PlayNetwork, which curates playlists for more than 100,000 brands and retail outlets, ranked the 20 most-played tunes of the holiday season. Only two were original songs from the past decade, Kelly Clarkson's Underneath the Tree (2013) and Coldplay's Christmas Lights (2008). Both are pretty good! And yet both ranked behind the Waitresses' Christmas Wrapping (1981), which is peppermint garbage.

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European Parliament president Martin Schulz has warned that negotiations could be vetoed if MEPs are not fully involved. Downing Street has played down suggestions that a Brexit trade deal could take 10 years to complete, after Britain's ambassador to the EU, Sir Ivan Rogers, suggested that others in Europe believed this could be the case. Image copyright AFP Image caption Mrs May said EU leaders had also discussed "the appalling situation in รองเท้าผ้าใบ 2016 Syria". Speaking in South Korea, Chancellor Philip Hammond told the BBC that he hoped a deal could be done "in a reasonable period of amount of time". Downing Street meanwhile has indicated that it would be possible to complete a "divorce deal" and a new trade agreement with the EU within the timetabled two years of the UK invoking Article 50 - the formal start of the process of leaving. But Germany's Mr Mayer said that it would be "a bit naive" to think a trade deal could be done in two years. He said: "It's not easy to make this trade agreement within two years. There is a clear German position - we want negotiations on a level playing field and certainly we would like that Great Britain stays a very important pillar in the single market. "It's very ambitious to finish these negotiations within two years, it's a huge project." Meanwhile, reports suggest that Britain could face a 50bn bill to leave the EU, including payments to cover pension liabilities for EU staff. Downing Street said the UK would meet its obligations while in the EU, but any financial settlement after that would be a matter for negotiation.