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How has this person really helped you or brightened your day? Isnt it their job? Should you say thank you for doing your job as if its a miracle? 4) Does not wear shoes in his home, he has a foyer where when he enters his house takes off all coats, scarves, hats, shoes and other outdoor wear and puts on fuzzy house slippers or just wears socks. 5) Constantly pays with physical cash. Although some Americans do this anyway who are not necessarily Russian nearly ALL Russians use 100% physical Rubles for everything from paying rent, health insurance, doctors visits, buying a car, buying groceries, or investing. The electronic economy hasnt taken hold in Russia and partly because they are paranoid that if they put their money in a bank, the bank will seize it or bankrupt. 6) Never will open a door for a stranger, or move out of the way if you are in his walking vector, in fact he may knock over any passersby like bowling pins if they are in the way; and certainly will never say excuse me. 7) Always well dressed, even to go grocery shopping maybe keeps a pocket comb even if his hair is only 2 cm long. Russians dont have a concept of wearing sweat suits or pajamas to the grocery store. When they go out even if just to run to the corner store for a milk.

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HARRISBURG, Pa. A Pennsylvania couple tried to starve their three children to death because the father no longer wanted them, state police said in charges filed this week. Police said officers and Dauphin County social workers rescued the emaciated children, girls aged 4 and 5 and a boy aged 6, from their parents on Dec. 16 and took them to a hospital. Details on their current health were not available. Police identified the parents as Joshua Weyant, 33, and Brandi Weyant, 38, of Halifax, a small town about 21 miles north of the state capital of Harrisburg. According to a police statement, both were charged on Friday afternoon with the same 18 felonies: multiple counts of aggravated assault, false imprisonment, unlawful restraint and endangering the welfare of children. The couple was being held in Dauphin County Prison. It was not immediately clear whether they had a lawyer.