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A variation of his famous "Why Not?" – "What are you afraid of?" – is printed on sweatpants and shirts. A mock serial number "11121988," Westbrook's birth date, sits underneath the word "CAUTION" on black and white hats. Westbrook turns 29 on Sunday. The initial pieces of the collection reflect that time period from some 30 years ago. Items are pre-washed before sold to give them a vintage feel. Westbrook intentionally designed some tops inside out, with stitching and graphics printed on the outside. He was hands-on, starting the design process in May, picking the materials himself and even changing some materials as recent as two weeks ago. It was a meticulous process, one first started about a year ago. It was supported by Thunder teammates Patrick Patterson, Dakari Johnson and Andre Roberson, who all stopped by Saturday to check out the line and pose for photos with fans. Andre Roberson, Dakari Johnson and Patrick Patterson each came through for Westbrook’s event. pic.twitter.com/JRyEjA4WbH — Erik Horne (@ErikHorneOK) November 11, 2017 "It's an unbelievable blessing to be able to put something out and give back to the people," Westbrook said.

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